TRAVEL: Gelanggang Renang Bandung Indah

11:03 am

June had passed just in a quick glimpse. I didn't realize how complicated the whole three months ago beginning is. But target month of June overall well done and I'm glad enough that I can make it through by myself.. BYE JUNE!!! Happy Holiday!!! And for my first holiday, I'm so happy when Boyfriend and I going to the Water Park.
 Kopo street, Lanud Sulaiman – Bandung Regency
After hectic days in collage and just to fill during our holiday, for the first time I really want to swimming. Water Park has become of my favorite place to swimming, of course it's just a few kilometers away from my home. To entrance Water Park we must buy ticket and paid Rp. 20k for Monday until Friday; Rp. 25k for Saturday; and Rp. 35k for Sunday or Holiday. A glance for the first sight you seen Water Park maybe is very usual but this opinion will be lost after you see it. check it out!

Model: Sendy / This is my favorite picture of the day / Thursday, 27 June 2013
 The cute locker, large swimming pool, water playing arena, stream pool, canteen, and resting area these are could found at Water Park. Greatly clean and fresh but so warm. And I'm so sorry, we didn't take any photographs because it was so crowded there, full of children and because we're a funny shy couple hahaha lol

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