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I love dancing so much. Dancing make me feel so happy. I can shake my body and feeling free. Dance is my hobby since I studies in junior high school. At the time my friends and I becomes proxy of class to participate in Proaksi (Pekan Olahraga dan Seni) to be join the modern dance competition and then being the winner.

Started from part of 'Exotic Dancer' (with Ratih, Cippi, Tasya, Nisrina, Nurfitriah, Ditha) and then change the name as 'De Roxy Blitz Girl Dancer' (with Ratih, Cippi, Nurfitriah, Amel) and then change again as 'TTM = The Trouble Maker Dancer' (with Ratih, Cippi and Bunda *who always support and make time for TTM) change again as  'Proppinara Dancer' (with Prop, Upi, Cippi, Ratih and always Bunda) and then be part of 'Opening Dance on Maskot (theatre)' (with Coach Amet, Coach Metha, Ratih A, Sartika, Ratih D, Agnes, Selly)  and the last 'Magnifique dancer' (with Agnes and Sartika) thanks all.. I have a lot of experience and more sweet moment in my life.
at Sensa Hotel Ciwalk :

This is "TTM Dancer"
left to right: Cippi, Me, and Ratih

On Stage item :
-my face seen so exhaust-

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