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Hello there.. I think "Blogging" will be the one of my new hobbies now besides I love writing, I love dancing, and I love dreaming. I started from here to share my story and my experience. Since I was in junior high school, I love reading and writing so. Magazine, Novel, Newspaper, Lesson book, and anything books while the book very interesting and not about Islamic book (cause al-Qur'an is number one) And then say "NO!" To Comic because I can't understand a comic if only I read one or twice and I hate this. I think comics is very crucial :(

And these one of my favorite magazine : Cause on this cover is my favorite idol..

Yeaay.. Zooey Deschanel on GoGirl! Magazine 

Next, one time.. Diary is the most book where it's always be my best friend . Within all my activities begin I wake up in the morning until I closed my eyes, I can write on these book. Almost everyday I write before I go to bed. Especially when feeling so bad or feeling so happy I straightaway take my diary and started to writing. But while my activity more increased. I just writing about important moments. Okay that's a short story about my hobbies. And I will continued to shares about another hobbies daily again :)

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