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Before I'm forgot, I would like to tell about my another hobby. Still about dance but its more complicated than dancing. When I'm in the Senior High School, my friend (Widya, Ajeng, Nidya, Putri, Indri, Desi) and I founding Cheerleaders Extrakurikuler. We begin on make Proposal at Nidya's house. We recuited member and then got choach who gave the name of team is SPARTAN and then on the team I'm as Leader. "Spartan on three one two three!!!" There's what I said when spartan squad will perform. On the stunt base I'm as Backbase.

Spartan members:
- Base: Ratih, widya, Ajeng, De irna, Gista, Abil, Desi, Balada, Ani, Oki, Feby, Icha, Nidya, Nadira. Flyer: Putri, Linza, Intan, Mayang, Indri –
Coach Opik and Coach Luna
And these are never I'm forget about Spartan Cheerleading; Stunt, Pyramid, Flyer, Top Flyer, Second Flyer, Shoulder sit, Shoulder stand, Back Base, Side Base, Front Base, Half extension, one-one-one, three-two-one, Chearledance, Jurnas, WE ARE ONE!!!

And this one.. Yeal Spartan:

"We spartan cheerleaders
We sexy chunky funky
And in this faculty
We will shaking your body
Flow up your up and keep your smile
Cuzt we are cheerleader"

Although when I'm resign as Spartan member and my story in Spartan was so short. Sometimes I really miss those moment.


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